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Cochran Family | Olympia, Washington

Since I was in Washington I had to take some updated photos of my sisters family. It was crazy to see how much my little nephew has grown up. He is saying my name like CRAZY! And starting to learn new words. You can’t help but laugh when he tries to pronounce a word. It is just the cutest thing EVER! You got to love a little kids voice.

I will never forget having Connor give loves to his new brother and also to Hayley. He totally knows who they are and gives them hugs and kisses. Talk about melting your heart. He is going to be such a good big brother and cousin.

Baby Update:

– Picked out a name, Hayley Jewel Stone

– I am officially in my Third Trimester! Yippee YAY YAY

– I thought Hayley moved tons before, well now its like sliding body parts across my tummy. Watching my tummy move is probably one of my favorite things to do. Always puts a smile on my face.

– Yes I am tired but the more I exercise the better I feel.

– Been so emotional lately. I have fallen so deeply in love with our little girl. I know it is going to keep on growing…It is so amazing to be a mom and knowing that I’m going to meet Hayley in just a few short months brings tears to my eyes. Can’t wait to hold her in my arms.



yes I know this is out of focus I just love is so much though 🙂


Shaina, I truly enjoy watching you be a mom. You are such an inspiration to me. And I can’t wait to take a photo with both of your boys in your arms.


Connor loves to play swords with his daddy. 




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