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Ava | Newborn, Olympia, Washington

Just a few days old Ava was born 7lbs 10oz. I was so excited to hear that Jen was in labor just a few days before I arrived in Washington in July. Seeing a newborn just melts my heart. It is so different now that I’m pregnant. When I held Ava for the first time. I was beaming so in love seeing her and her precious little self.

It became real at that moment I will be holding my little girl so soon. Okay wow I am teary-eyed now. I guess its the prego hormones. Got to love them! Just in church on sunday. Watching my friend Kiira hold her one year old in church just made me get all teary-eyed. I just can’t wait to see Josh with our little girl. Holding her with such pride and joy.



Jen you are so sweet with your little baby girl.


Stromstad Family thank you so much for allowing me to take a few photos of your precious little girl.


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