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A baby shower filled with Rockets

The inspiration came from the Dwell Studio Rocket. Which I personally love too. As I was looking at the set I was like I can do that! So I took the inspiration and this is what I came up with in the  end. Enjoy all the little details.


A Little note from the Mommy to be about her shower:


This weekend my good friends threw me a baby shower for our little boy Judah who is due to arrive any day now. They kept everything a secret from me, so I was very eager to see the final result. It was a fantastic shower, complete with handmade signs and little space ship touches that really stood out, a nod to the space ship theme of the crib set I picked out. They truly did a great job!

They set up such a cute dessert table with ALL of my favorite sweets, including donuts, candy, chocolate dipped strawberries and a lemon cake with adorable rocket ship toppers! The drink table was set up with matching rocket ship labels and sugar rimmed canning jars tied with ribbons and rocket ship cutouts. Too cute! I loved all the handmade details!

There were also a few fun activities for the guests to participate in. A wishing window was set up which is such a cute idea. Guests can write a message to baby Judah and string it on the window. I’ll be putting these messages in his baby book. And there was a game set up for guests to guess how many strawberry belts (my favorite!!) were in the candy jar.

I am such a sucker for anything cute and hand-done. The small details in this shower really made the day special and unique. We were so excited to welcome our little boy in such a creative way. 🙂


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