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4 Months | Hayley Jewel


Who knew so much would change in 1 month. I couldn’t even fathom how you would change. Just the last few days when I have come back home from work I feel like you grow every day. You no longer look like a little baby to me. You are really starting to become your own person.

We have been going to the park about every week now. And you are loving watching all the children run around. I can tell you just want to be in there right with them all. You love swinging on the swing. You actually feel asleep one time. It was the cutest thing 🙂

So what has been happening this month.

– You now ROLL OVER!!! Just a couple days before your 4th month you got it down.

I was changing you one day and when I was down you just popped right over. I yelled to your daddy “She Rolled Over!” He was in the other room unfortunately. But the next day you just kept on doing it. We are so proud of you baby girl. Now that you roll over. I really have to watch you all the time lol.

– You started to make a “gremlin” sound we call it. Makes us laugh so hard.

– You squeal, I think you are just really trying to find your voice.

– Love to star at your feet. You are quite fascinated by them.

– Yesterday you snuggled up in my neck and fell asleep. Talk about melt mommies heart. I love when you snuggle.

– Love pulling yourself up holding onto our hands. You are one strong girl.

– Very attentive and following us all the time with your eyes.

– You are now trying to scoot your self around. Girl you can slow down on that part. You just started rolling over haha


Love you so much baby girl,




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