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moments like these

It’s moments like these that I LOVE. Watching my nephews chow down on what they love. Watching their faces get dirtier and dirtier.

Connor just loved the fijita’s that his mommy made. As soon as she set the food on the plate. He took a single black bean at a time and preciously put it in his mouth. But then as soon as the peppers and meat made it to his mouth he got so excited! The bits of food then dispersed to the rest of his face like finger painting for the first time. It is moments like these that when I one day have a child I hope that I will get my camera out so that I will never forget the messiness of my child. And how they ate with no care in the world.

Both of my nephews just have the best eyes to photograph. But then again I am partial to blue-eyes because I have them myself.

Leonidas was smiling and laughing at his Daddy for playing Peek-A-Boo. We were all enjoying it so much!


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