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As I woke up this morning I heard the pitter patter of the rain. It was a beautiful reminder of my home in Washington. I have always loved falling asleep and waking up to that sound. Getting to pull my sheets close to my face and stay in the coziness of my bed. My husband would say, “You always do this.” Yes I will admit for some reason I always have to have a bajillion (yes I just said a BAJILLION) blankets on me and I pretty much look like a mummy when I sleep. It is actually funny because he will say, “Babe! Where are you? Where are you?” It makes me laugh so hard. I just can’t help it. Having the plush blanket against my soft cheek just helps me fall asleep. But I will say that when it is cold like last night and this morning. I enjoy sleeping like that Just…That…Much More!

I could help but give you a sneak peek of what is going to come tomorrow up on the blog. A little engagement shoot with YUP a cake fight!

If you are in CA. Enjoy the coolness of the day!



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  • Liz garcia - I just love the idea of “mash the cake” before the wedding!! You are very creative! I may just have to steal that idea, if thats okay with you!ReplyCancel

    • Amy Stone - I can’t take credit for it. It was all the Groom’s idea!!!! 🙂 I LOVED ITReplyCancel

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