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Engagement Story

I ended up working later then usual and my day was going so well. Babies were sleeping, Families were just the sweetest, and workflow was smooth sailing.
I came home from work and I had talked to Kiira about maybe going to the zoo because the day was BEAUTIFUL. But she told me that they were talking to Dave and Halleh about meeting up with them to go to the beach to take pictures of the sunset with Micah. So I just said, “Ok” and asked Josh and he said, “Ya maybe.” Later on Kiik txted me again and said we should go with them. My first thought was YES YES YES because I LOVE the beach. So I asked Josh and he said, “Yes lets go.” I can’t even tell you the excitement that came across my face. I just wanted to jump up and down for joy. I know I’m silly but really I love the beach THAT MUCH!
So Josh came to my house to pick me up and he grabbed some crackers, cheese and salami to eat. I just said oh man that’s going to give you stinky breath. So he said he will brush his teeth…..WHAT I am thinking…ok….that’s a little weird….oh well forget about it Amy.
We got were walking to my car Josh went to his to get his jacket because it was probably going to be cold as the sunset it was windy. I knew I was going to be cold. But then he put it on?!?!? I said, “Aren’t you going to be Hot?” He said, “No I’m good I was getting a little chilly anyways.”
As we drove to the beach I turned the music up and started dancing in the car. He had a smile on my face laughing and said I was silly. What can I say I love the beach! I thought we were going to Santa Monica but I guess we were going else where as we passed the 405 freeway.
I can’t express enough how perfect the weather was. As we were driving along the PCH my dad sent me a picture txt of Shaina in the snow in Eastern Washington. I showed Josh and I said I got to send them a picture back of the sun. So I took a picture of the sun with the ocean and sent it to them. After awhile Josh pulled over and said I need to txt Turnbow and see if exactly where this place is at. Then he said oh I think I passed it. We did a U-Turn and a few streets down we had arrived at El Matador State Beach. I just assumed everyone was there already because I knew we were running late. So we grab my jacket Josh put the backpack on for the camera and we were off. I was going to grab his left hand to hold but he made it so I held his right hand. Then he was also holding his left jacket pocket I thought that was strange. Then for some reason I started getting butterflies as we walk down the steep cliff. Something was up but I didn’t know what. He was walking really far ahead of me and I asked him,”Why are you walking so fast and far ahead of me.” I don’t remember what his response was…lol…
Next thing I knew he had stopped and waited for me and was looking over at this one cliff and said, “There is some cool art thing down there you should check it out.” As I looked over I say a Big heart with Will You Marry Me inside and I said Oh My Gosh! Turned around saw him on his knee and I bent over crying then fell to my knees with him. I was crying so hard that Josh was like, “It’s okay I need to ask you something.” He was gently rubbing my back trying to calm me then he asked me with tears in his eyes,”Will you marry me.” And I said, “YES!” We hugged, kissed, and it was way more then I could ever imagine. We were both shaking so much from all the nerves he grabbed my right hand to put the ring on it but I then gave him my left hand. We took a moment. Walked down the rest of the way stopped to look at the sign. Then we saw some of our friends there. They had built the sign and set out a little basket and blanket for us to watch the sunset. We took some pictures then they left us to gather ourselves. As we sat on the blanket eating strawberries and brownies we talked about how each one of us were feeling. And how our parents knew about it and just laughed while we watch the pinks and oranges emerge from the sunset.
Just when I thought that the night was over we headed to go eat with a bunch of our friends that showed up to support and congratulate us.
Thank you everyone for your kind words and we are both so blessed to have you all in our lives.

Now for some pictures
I couldn’t believe how big they made the sign. Our friends did such an amazing job.



I love my RING!!!

I took this picture while we were sitting at our picnic.
This was taken at the dinner with everyone. You can just see the excitement on our faces.

Thank you to Joey, Liz, Josh, Kiira, Micah, Richard, and Bowman for making everything happen. 🙂


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