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Engagement : Luis & Grace

When Luis called Josh we were sitting in the church office working away. Then I saw Josh going online and checking out the Ahmanson Theater in L.A. my eyes opened up and I was thinking “What is GOiNG ON?” I got up to stand next to Josh trying to over hear their conversation. But I just couldn’t hear. I took a seat back on the couch and waited until he was finished. Then Josh told me that Luis was going to propose to Grace and he would like us to film / photograph it for them. I just started to cry First, because I was so excited and honored that he would ask us. Second, I have always wanted to do this for someone and be apart of such an AMAZING experience. When I finally stopped crying all I could think of is where are we going to HIDE! You see there is absolutely no where to hide in this location. It is all so open. So Josh and I went there a couple days before to check out the location to get some ideas.

Then the day arrived we got there early walked around some trying to get a location. Since we had some time and it was freezing out we got some oh so good tacos and hot chocolate for me to warm up. We then saw Grace’s sister who was putting the sign up for Luis. He is just so thoughtful. He made the sign you see below. Just such a sweet idea.
As Josh and Grace’s sister were putting up the sign I was walking around trying to find the right location for me to hide….But there was NO WHERE!!! Then the worst thing happend…lol…I was walking and just then Grace and Luis walked right passed me. And all I can think is OMG I just ruined it. I walked really fast around a corner down to the parking garage called Josh and asked if Luis has txted them yet. He said “YES” I told them what just happened. And so they were hurrying up to finish with the sign.
I peeked out to see if they were around and I didn’t see them so I walked to this door that is all by itself in the middle of the location. I was looking around then I found them at the Pinot Grill. Thankfully Luis made it so that her back was toward the sign so that she could not see what was going on.


They finished their dinner then headed over to the sign. As they were walking Grace said that all she could think about is that they really need to hurry because they were going to be late to see Mary Poppins. I was using my ninja skills slowly sneaking around the door as they walked by and filming the whole thing.

Then the magic happened…..




Luis & Grace…Thank you so much for letting me be apart of this AMAZING chapter in your lives. I feel so blessed to know you. I am so excited to see you guys grow together in your life!

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