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Chandler path, Griffith Observatory | Julio and Diana

They knew each other growing up but didn’t connect until they were older. I just love stories like Julio and Diana’s. You live your lives and then you are brought together later on. Julio ended up asking Diana on a date one night as they were hanging out with friends at the Standard downtown. She didn’t really believe him until he called later on. From there on they connected.

Julio and Diana found me on Yelp and I was just ecstatic to meet them. During the entire shoot for their engagement it was like we were old friends hanging out having fun. I love it when I am able to connect with a couple on this level. I am just so thankful for the people that have come into my life thru photography. Thank you Julio and Diana for just being you!  And I absolutely can not WAIT until your wedding!

We started the engagement shoot at the Chandler Bike Path. They love to come down here and ride in the sunset together. And then we raced the setting sun to the Griffith Observatory. I have always wanted to photograph a couple here. And it is quite amazing as the golden hour illuminates everything.

You guys are just so stunning!

As I photographed this moment I truly felt so lucky to be a photographer.

Diana you are GORGEOUS!!!!!

Julio and Diana I just love your personalities. You guys are so much fun!

Mr. Panda even made it into the photos shoot. He is a special treasure in their lives. It took a while just to find him.


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