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Carrie and Shane Engagement

I can’t tell you how much I LOVE being apart of such special moments. Shane proposed to Carrie which OMG I am SO EXCITED for them. They are two of my really good friends and to be a part of this there are just no words really. 
Shane took Carrie to the San Diego Zoo in the morning then a Starbucks that means a lot to them then another stop at Newport Beach. Where I was waiting in the sand for them to arrive. Carrie is one funny girl she had no idea that I was there which was awesome. 
So here they arrive ……

Then they exchanged gifts for there 4 year anniversary. 

Then Shane asked Carrie to close her eyes but she just couldn’t trust herself so she put her hood on.

Then the magic happens….




I just love Carries reaction in the photo it is sooo her.








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  • Keeper of the Home... - Oh, one more thing when you and your husband to be come for a visit to Spokane…we think you should take a tour downtown and walk along the falls…great sites for fun photos…my latest posts has some pictures of them…you of course could do amazing things – just a thought! Love to have lunch with you and your mom and dad!ReplyCancel

  • Keeper of the Home... - Okay so these are great and I'm thrilled for this couple….BUT I've been WAITING AND WAITING to see pictures of the girls and their bellies and of the two showers….you camera girl get with it! LOL…hugs to you!

    Heavens, can you believe you will be wearing white very soon…wow Amy so exciting and so close – I feel giddy for you and think often how wonderful your wedding will be…so full of color and sparkle…so you…so full of life! So glad Ron is taking pictures so we can see them on his web….goose bumps my dear!

    Love you bunches!ReplyCancel

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