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Anytime : John and Natasha

I just love how they wrote up their engagement story so cute. I just had to share. They are the sweetest. 

On Friday, January 15th John was banking in on his original battle plan of proposing to his girlfriend of two years to work smoothly and romantically in their church.  Unfortunately, not all of his best ideas always pan out and the way in which he proposed to his bride to be was quite an improvisation.  With both mom and dad in from Washington state for his birthday (and the secret engagement), John had to think of something quick.
So, after a panicked trip to the local flower shop to buy two pink and green gerber daisies and begging the father Ray for one of Natasha’s mother’s old rings, John and his supportive folks were off to Pasadena to pick Natasha up from work.
After dropping mom and dad off at the local Starbucks, John nervously parked his car in the alleyway outside the office and waited for Natasha, standing with his arms folded neatly behind his back outside his car.  Around the pinky of his sweaty left hand, he wore the ring he would soon put on Natasha’s finger.  He struggled to prepare somewhat coherent words and thinking about it made the idea of speaking seem even more impossible.  Before anything could be decided on, the door opened and Natasha entered the alleyway and saw John standing outside his Ford Focus.
Despite his best efforts, John appeared feverishly nervous while trying to keep a secret (which he has never been good at) and Natasha simply hugged him and proceeded to her car door which John went to open.  Natasha uttered a simple comment of surprise when she saw two gerber daises awaiting her on the passenger seat (since it was John’s birthday – why would he be buying her flowers?).  Before she could formulate any other thoughts, John sheepishly said, “Natty?” and got down on one knee.
Words were a blur and don’t truly matter today.  The moment was special in mutual tears and a warm embrace.  Sometimes it’s all we need.
So, with a new addition to the family, John picked up his very excited parents from the Starbucks down the street and immediately multiple phone calls to friends and relatives were being made from inside John’s car en route to dinner.  The energy inside the car could’ve blown out all the windows.  
Although the plan never was to propose to his future wife in a dark alleyway in Pasadena, it makes for a good story and goes to show that a proposal in a hot air balloon in Napa Valley or a gondola ride in Venice isn’t the point.  It’s all about a man and a woman being honest, vulnerable, and open to whatever the Lord is calling them to do in the moment – the here and now – and that’s always much more exciting.
Here are some photos from their engagement session:
Can I just say what an adorable couple
This tree was so poky we just had to get a picture next to it
Natasha you are so BEAUTIFUL
And John never believe anyone when they say that you don’t have a great smile Because it is AMAZING!!!


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